Episode 317: Are you planting seeds?

Tons of acorns on the ground lately. If they stay on the sidewalk, will the function of the seed be expressed? A seed must be planted and watered and have sun and proper food to grow. The same with any idea. A new patient walks into your office and they may have no idea what chiropractic really is. That is your seed opportunity. If you tell them nothing, don’t expect the seed to grow. But if you do tell them about chiropractic, then the seed may germinate in fertile ground.

Episode 316: Research shows neurological changes with chiropractic care

“Research. Research. We need more research!” We hear this over and over again. However, there are studies that actually show that chiropractic care creates neurological changes. Dr. Fuhr, cofounder of the Activator Methods Technique, has made a number of research-heavy presentations that display without a doubt the effects a chiropractic adjustment can have on the nerve system. Yes, we do need more research, but we already have valid and reliable science to back us up.

Episode 315: You are changing levels of consciousness!

You are not just touching a back, you are changing levels of consciousness. In the book Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins discusses levels of consciousness and how living at higher levels can actually help lift people up around you. Our job is far deeper than what happens on a physical level when we adjust our practice members. We are helping to raise consciousness which helps them with way more than we can imagine or measure! Your living at higher awareness raises the levels of others around you!

Episode 314: Dr. Sid and how he changed lives forever

Dr. Sid Williams had this amazing way of talking and putting things in perspective with unique phrases and stories. Dr. Sid passed in 2012 and Dr. Nell, his wife, passed last week, so in their honor, I post this podcast telling the world about how Dr. Sid changed the lives of countless numbers of people including 1000’s of chiropractors. To the legacy of Dr. Sid and Dr. Nell…

Episode 313: A roadmap for tricky times

In modern times, if you want to go somewhere, you theoretically don’t have to know much about it. You can ‘get an Uber’ and they will take you there. Starting your own practice isn’t quite that simple as getting an Uber. You’ve got to know where you are, where you want to go, and need a roadmap on how to get there. So many students graduate knowing where they are, but not knowing where they want to go. Time to set some goals and make a roadmap!

Episode 312: Student loans & strategies to become debt free

Student loan debt today can blast past $200,000 and that can certainly be a daunting sum if you think about it too much. There is a way to pay them back way quicker than what is expected. Whether you are a student who is still accruing loans, a new doc who has to start paying them back, or a doc who’s been paying them off, Dr. Rubin will teach you to become debt-free faster.

Episode 311: Miracles or normalization of the nerve system?

What’s your practice filled with? Kids, pregnant women, moms, dads, athletes? It’s actually filled with the stories…the testimonials and ratings and reviews of your raving fans! When a practice member walks in to your office, do they sense that feeling of victory? Of help? Of encouragement? You create that with your actions and your results.

Episode 310: Stonehenge- It’s all about alignment!

Stonehenge is 5000 years old and is aligned with the summer and winter solstices. Even that many centuries ago, they knew alignment was critical. If they wanted to see the sun through the stones on June 21st, they had to be set up in extremely specific ways. If we want the brain and the nerve system to perform optimally, then the spinal column requires that same specific alignment. A related question then would be, “what are you aligned with?” Dr. Rubin explores these topics as he shows pictures from his tour at Stonehenge in June.

Episode 309: The Road Less Travelled Makes All The Difference

As chiropractors, aren’t we all taking the ‘Road Less Travelled?” Isn’t that part of our heritage? We have been marching to the beat of a different drum since our inception. But because of that, we have the ability to help make profound differences in children’s and adult’s lives, often when other ‘roads’ have failed them. Blaze your own trail! Originally posted in 2016.

Episode 308: Do what you are trained to do

Why do we do what we do? Sometimes the patients we encounter present us with a high degree of technical challenge, and we wonder, “are we ready for it?” Then you dig deep and, as Dr. Sid said, you do what you are trained to do. This podcast was originally released in the Spring of 2018.