Episode 326: Chiropractic in a salutogenic model

What is salutogenesis? In a phrase: you can always improve your health and wellness. In a recent magazine article, the writer was surprised by some of the benefits people were reporting under chiropractic care, stating that chiropractors treated various illnesses and ailments. What the writer doesn’t know is that chiropractors don’t ‘treat’ injuries, sicknesses, or problems. We take care of people! We are in the people business, leading them towards wellness, then keeping them that way!

Episode 325: Joy in Chiropractic!

There is no better feeling than to see children in my office having a great time, laughing, giggling, and being surprised that they can have fun in a ‘doctors office.’ Our annual Halloween Bash is such a day for us, where we go all out for the kids and they just have the greatest time. I purposely step back during this party and capture moments of the commotion, the happiness, the feeling of joy in chiropractic!