Episode 324: Lyme Disease & PANDAS

Lyme disease and PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with Strep)are becoming way more common than ever before, part of a growing trend of autoimmune issues that include emotional or behavioral changes. Every parent who complains that their child had a sudden shift in behavior needs to be questioned about an illness or insect bite prior to the onset of changes. This is an almost hour long talk given to the Life U ICPA Club.

Episode 323: Yesterday & Tomorrow

Question: What would the world’s reaction be if tomorrow, we all woke up and chiropractic ceased to exist? This thought came from watching the recently released movie, Yesterday, in which the world somehow lost its memory of The Beatles. As Reggie Gold often said, “if you were the last chiropractor on the planet, would it survive?” These are profound questions that we try to tackle in this episode.

Episode 322: Remembering Dr. Jeanne Ohm

The chiropractic profession lost a great hero recently when Dr. Jeanne Ohm left this earthly plane. She was a friend, mentor, leader, warrior, and champion of women in chiropractic. She took the ICPA from a small group when Dr. Webster passed away in 1997 to over 6000 members, the largest non-political chiropractic group on the planet. Dr. Jeanne’s last talk at Life University was in December 2018 and so many students and docs commented to me that she made them laugh and cry. One student said, “Her passion was so palpable. I was slipping away from the principle and she brought me back.” She will be missed. We love you Jeanne.

Episode 321: Relationship Scrapbook

Relationships are built one moment at a time. Dr Drew Rubin and his wife Dr Lisa Rubin have been building their relationship for almost 30 years, and feel that it is their constant efforts that have created the long lasting love relationship that they enjoy. In this podcast you will hear from both Dr Rubin’s as they talk freely and openly about what it takes to keep a relationship strong for a lifetime. This podcast was first aired as Episode 167.

Episode 320: Two words- Just & Alignment

Just and alignment have many meanings. Dr Rubin, in this commencement speech given to the graduating class of Summer 2019, implores the graduates to move beyond the idea of being “just a chiropractor.” He leads them to align with the bigger mission and purpose, which is to give, to love and to serve. As BJ Palmer once said, “Get the big idea, all else follows.”