Episode 319: Succeed like water, one drop at a time

Ever notice how water over time can slowly erode practically anything? The Grand Canyon was carved one drop at a time! Ever notice how small blades of grass can lift or even crack a sidewalk? How does it do that? One blade at a time. Things that don’t look so powerful are in fact the most powerful of all, when you add one thing to it: Principle #6-Everything takes time.

Episode 318: Chiropractic’s role in helping the 9/11 rescue workers

A few days after 9/11 occurred, chiropractors began setting up makeshift clinics around Ground Zero to adjust the rescue workers at no charge. Later these chiropractors took over storefronts or erected tents to adjust thousands of police, fire, military and other rescue workers, and this went on for months. There is a lot of talk about mission trips in chiropractic; this was one of the most important mission trips of all.

Episode 317: Are you planting seeds?

Tons of acorns on the ground lately. If they stay on the sidewalk, will the function of the seed be expressed? A seed must be planted and watered and have sun and proper food to grow. The same with any idea. A new patient walks into your office and they may have no idea what chiropractic really is. That is your seed opportunity. If you tell them nothing, don’t expect the seed to grow. But if you do tell them about chiropractic, then the seed may germinate in fertile ground.

Episode 316: Research shows neurological changes with chiropractic care

“Research. Research. We need more research!” We hear this over and over again. However, there are studies that actually show that chiropractic care creates neurological changes. Dr. Fuhr, cofounder of the Activator Methods Technique, has made a number of research-heavy presentations that display without a doubt the effects a chiropractic adjustment can have on the nerve system. Yes, we do need more research, but we already have valid and reliable science to back us up.