Episode 311: Miracles or normalization of the nerve system?

What’s your practice filled with? Kids, pregnant women, moms, dads, athletes? It’s actually filled with the stories…the testimonials and ratings and reviews of your raving fans! When a practice member walks in to your office, do they sense that feeling of victory? Of help? Of encouragement? You create that with your actions and your results.

Episode 310: Stonehenge- It’s all about alignment!

Stonehenge is 5000 years old and is aligned with the summer and winter solstices. Even that many centuries ago, they knew alignment was critical. If they wanted to see the sun through the stones on June 21st, they had to be set up in extremely specific ways. If we want the brain and the nerve system to perform optimally, then the spinal column requires that same specific alignment. A related question then would be, “what are you aligned with?” Dr. Rubin explores these topics as he shows pictures from his tour at Stonehenge in June.

Episode 309: The Road Less Travelled Makes All The Difference

As chiropractors, aren’t we all taking the ‘Road Less Travelled?” Isn’t that part of our heritage? We have been marching to the beat of a different drum since our inception. But because of that, we have the ability to help make profound differences in children’s and adult’s lives, often when other ‘roads’ have failed them. Blaze your own trail! Originally posted in 2016.

Episode 308: Do what you are trained to do

Why do we do what we do? Sometimes the patients we encounter present us with a high degree of technical challenge, and we wonder, “are we ready for it?” Then you dig deep and, as Dr. Sid said, you do what you are trained to do. This podcast was originally released in the Spring of 2018.

Episode 307: Talking about Nutrition

If you take care of children, especially special needs kids, you will invariably discuss the topic of nutrition. Gluten free and dairy free are just the tip of the iceberg. Food intake has a profound affect on mood and behavior and an even bigger affect on children. Listen as Dr. Rubin explains his take on ‘diets’…