Episode 298: What’s really happening ‘out there.’

Keeping up with the research, keeping up with the health care trends, is vital to communicate with your patients. For example, it is imperative to know about the recent mumps and measles outbreaks since practice members are going to ask you about it. And we have to face the negative media we are occasionally getting since patients ask about too!

Episode 297: Shark Tank…the next big thing

What is the next big thing in chiropractic? Something is about to change in a big way to revolutionize chiropractic. I encourage our profession and our students to think ahead of the curve, because either someone else on the mechanistic side of chiropractic will come up with something, or we will, and I’d rather it be the vitalists. So come on a ‘Shark Tank’ journey with us…

Episode 296: “This Inner Power Speaks”

BJ Palmer describes what chiropractors do as working with ‘the subtle substance of the soul.’ He doesn’t talk in this brief chapter from ‘The Bigness of the Fellow Within’ about subluxations, adjustments, or even the spine. He talks with reverence about the “tiny rivulet of force” that “animates the internal living world.”

Episode 295: Bohemian Rhapsody

Most likely Freddie Mercury of Queen did not read BJ Palmer’s “Bigness of the Fellow Within”. But he did write, in Queen’s hit song, We Are The Champions, that he “considers it a challenge before the human race.” Dr. Rubin feels Freddie Mercury was talking about chiropractic…and our challenge is getting chiropractic to the masses. You’ve heard the statement, “If they knew what we knew, they’d do what we do!” Why hasn’t chiropractic reached critical mass yet? That is the challenge Dr. Rubin offers you: can we get the entire country adjusted?

Episode 294: Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Looking at works of art can be exhilarating because you get a chance to view it from multiple different vantage points, not just visually and physically but emotionally. What does the painting mean to you? How does it make you feel? There are often 2 sides to every story.