Episode 283: The Road Less Traveled

“Life is difficult…and when you accept that life is difficult, life is no longer as difficult” is a quote from Dr. M. Scott Peck’s amazing book, The Road Less Traveled. If we can look at our difficulties and realize that difficulties are a part of life, that challenges ARE life, then we can more readily accept the bumps in the road that we all will face.

Episode 282: Lyme Disease & PANDAS

Lyme and PANDAS are a part of a growing set of issues known as Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Watching trends for the last 30 years, Dr Rubin recalls a time when Lyme was relatively infrequent and PANDAS was unheard of. Now we are seeing more and more kids with one or sometimes both of these challenges. And we are finding that once you develop either, you are prone to relapses.

Episode 281: What does movement mean to you?

The word movement has a number of different meanings. It could mean moving locations, moving your body (as in exercise), move the bone (like Gonstead), or being moved emotionally. A good chiropractor understands how to use all 4 parts of this word ‘movement’ to create a feeling in their patients, whether they are 3 days, 3 years, or 30 years old. To inspire our patients, we have the ‘move’ them on multiple numbers of planes. We should really embrace the word, MOVEMENT!

Episode 280: The 7 Habits of a Successful Pediatric Practice

What makes a successful pediatric chiropractic practice? Dr. Rubin celebrates his 30th anniversary in chiropractic this year, and was asked to speak at Life Vision Raw, so he distilled all those years of effort into 7 timeless principles. Listen on..

Episode 279: Are you a flip phone in an iPhone world?

Are you a flip phone or an iPhone? Are you keeping up with the times, studying the latest research, constantly learning new things, while brushing up on the fundamentals? Do you remember what it was like to simply text someone on a flip phone? How many steps it took just to create a short message? Yes it was mind blowing at the time, but now with the iPhone, you can literally use Siri to just say the message and it types itself. We do best when we adapt and change and grow with the times.

Episode 278: Picasso & Chiropractic

Picasso was an incredible artist in the 20th century, most famous for bringing cubism into the world of modern art. His major contribution was showing multiple perspectives in the same work of art, which is vital in understanding how to take care of kids in a pediatric chiropractic practice. Kids (and adults too) will often come in with a complaint or issue that the parent has identified, but it is your job as a neuro- detective to come up with what is REALLY going on with the child. The child is NOT the diagnosis. Often we see manifestations of a weakened nerve system that are classified as something, but in reality is the expression of a brain and nerve system gone wrong.

Episode 277: The Crooked Face Epidemic

Have you ever noticed how many smiles are crooked these days? Or how many children have eyes that are not working together? Dr. Rubin began noticing this trend years ago when he started working with kids on the spectrum and with infants with developmental issues, but never heard it put so concisely as he did when he heard about the new book, Crooked, by Forrest Maready. To add to Mr. Maready’s work, Dr. Rubin suggests that the environment and epigenetics can be added to the list of causative factors. Fascinating stuff…listen on!

Episode 276: Dyslexia, Learning Disorders, and Chiropractic

Learning disorders now affect approximately 10% of our young kids today, which equates to about 1 in 5 children in the US. Today there is more help and advocacy than ever before for these children, but one potentially important piece that is not often accomplished is early intervention. It is challenging to assess an actual learning disorder until the child is old enough for preschool, however there may be signs earlier on, pointing us to weaknesses that can strengthened before they are in preschool.

Episode 275: Green Books…why they should be read and re-read

Green book? What’s a Green book? It is a series of 39 volumes written mostly by BJ Palmer from about 1910 to 1961, containing the essence of chiropractic philosophy. If you haven’t read Green Books, then you haven’t really felt the passion and urgency of the BJ Palmer chiropractic philosophy. Where to start? The Bigness of the Fellow Within!