Episode 257: Acute Flaccid Myelitis?

A new polio like illness that is especially effecting kids? Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) has been making headlines lately due to children becoming paralyzed due to this rare but serious disease. Dr Rubin did a bit of research into different kinds of myelitis and asks, “what is making our children so prone to so many diseases?” Diseases that now leave lasting marks like Lyme and Strep are becoming more prevalent. What’s going on?

Episode 256: “You never know how far reaching…”

BJ Palmer’s timeless quote is, “You never know how far reaching something you may think say or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” The reason the patient comes to your office is NOT the real reason they came to the office. It’s what brought them to you. The real reason is the far reaching effects of chiropractic!

Episode 255: The Infant Cranium

Why work on the infant cranium? Because 33% of the major nerves in the infant (and everybody) are located above atlas! The cranial nerves are critical in the babies ability to latch and nurse properly, to digest food, to sleep, and so many other functions, so if we are not working gently on those precious little heads, we are missing a big portion of what we can potentially do with these kiddos!

Episode 254: 16 Squares

Ever see something then take a look and see so much more? That’s what Dr. Rubin asks us to do when confronted with something you think you know or think is so obvious. We need to think past our blinders and ensure that we are following are dreams. Dr. Rubin uses the example of a box with 16 squares to illustrate this valuable point.

Episode 253: The Greatest Threat, Part 3

What are the solutions to the greatest threat to health today? Dr Rubin explores the answers in the last of the 3 part series. It’s often been said, “What can one person do?” The answer is: a lot more than doing nothing! Dr. Sid always said, “give for the sake of giving, serve for the sake of serving, and love for the sake of loving.” His words are truer today than ever before!

Episode 252: The Greatest Threat, Part 2

The greatest threat is the health of our brains! Why are so many children being diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, concussions, seizure disorders, learning disorders? Why are so many adults developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia? Our brains are the most important organ and yet we are witness to a new epidemic of broken brains! Listen to part 2 of 3.

Episode 251: The Number 1 Health Threat of the 21st Century

The Number 1 Health Threat of the 21st Century is a 3 part series! Why are so many kids and adults having brain based issues? Where is all this coming from? We must discuss what we are doing wrong to figure out what to do right. In this first part, Dr Rubin discusses the Autism-Concussion connection, how both issues have similar clinical findings. Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3, and thanks to Adam B. for helping with the recordings.

Episode 250: Global Burden of Neurodevelopmental Issues

Neurodevelopmental issues were once thought to be mainly a problem in developed countries, but a recent study in Lancet showed that these problems are pervasive all over the world! And the key to the study is that not enough is being done about taking care of kids with Autism, ADHD, and developmental issues. Chiropractic is poised to help these children.

Episode 249a: Detachment from results

You work hard and expect certain results. Sometimes that expectation can set you up for some unanticipated challenges. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his book, A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, tells us that it is important to strive, but not be attached to the outcome. Everything is a process and sometimes things that don’t work out are valuable teachers to prepare us for when our ideas really do pan out.