Episode 233: Lost chiropractic books revisited

Have you ever read Stephenson’s “The Art of Chiropractic?” Or Fred Barge’s “Life Without Fear?” 2 classic chiropractic texts that are not very well known, but with Dr. Rubin’s help, he brings them to life as he discusses them with the Logan University Philosophy Group. If you enjoy Stephenson’s “Chiropractic Textbook” and Barges “Are You The Doctor?”, then you’ll love this…and if you are unfamiliar with either of these authors, then let us initiate you!

Episode 232: String Theory & the Law of Attraction

Have you ever looked at a picture of a distant galaxy? Then a picture of an electron cloud? They kinda look the same. Is that a coincidence? Not according to the String Theory, which says everything is connected. And if that is true, then the concept, “What you think about, comes about” makes a lot more sense. What you put your focus on, expands. Why? Because it’s all connected? The universe leaves clues, and so does success!

Episode 231: Everything is not as it appears

Learning through Art series, Part 1. Dr. Rubin explores how looking at works of art can help improve your ability to diagnose. It started at Yale University Medical School, where they took 1st year med students to the Yale Art Gallery to discuss how to improve diagnosis skills by improving observational ability. If it can help med students it certainly can help chiropractic students!

Episode 230: Glimmer Of Hope

Ultimately the most important thing that chiropractors do is not adjust the patient but to teach them, inspire them, give them hope. Dr. Rubin talks about how sometimes patients come in hearing over and over again from other well-meaning providers, teachers, and parents what’s wrong with them. How about we focus on what’s right with them? What they can do? What’s possible? That’s what hope is all about!

Episode 229: The spine is the doorway

Chiropractor’s are not back doctors or spine doctors. We are nerve system doctors and the spine is our doorway, our gateway into our practice member’s nerve systems. Dr. Sid spoke about this in his 1999 Youtube video and it is just as relevant today as it was back then. Our ability to change someone’s health trajectory comes from the thought that “nerves that fire together, wire together.” The nerve system requires frequency intensity and duration to make change, and the spine is the conduit for chiropractic’s ability to help restore homeostasis to the nerve system.

Episode 228: Subluxation Is Antiquated?

Some people think that terms like subluxation, chiropractic, and adjustment are antiquated. I read a blogpost recently that says that the word “subluxation represents everything that is wrong with our profession.” I respectfully disagree. It is important to honor our past as we move into the future. Obviously how a subluxation is defined is different today that 1895, but our job as nerve system doctors hasn’t changed. Free the body from interference, see if we can help co-create the best health possible for that particular person. The salutogenic model is the key to the future of healthcare. Listen on!

Episode 227: “Your Mountain is Waiting”

Dr. Seuss said in his book, “Oh the places you’ll go” that ‘your mountain is waiting.’ What does that mean? It means to get to the top, you will have to climb mountains. Some mountains are easier than others. Some mountains are downright challenging! But what choice do we have? The mountains are there. Now go out and climb!

Episode 226: Upper extremity visual diagnostic clues

This is the 8th in the series of Visual Diagnostic Improvement podcasts that started back with Episode 203. Upper extremities can give us lots of clues about the child not just if they have obvious issues but also subtle signs as well. Listen as Dr. Rubin takes us on around the arm to finish off this series. Starting next week tune in to a new series about pediatric adjusting.