Episode 218: Congruence

Do you walk your talk? Do you do as you say you’re going to do? Dr. Rubin explains how Dr. Sid Williams changed his life in July 1993. If you ever wondered how you can go from unfocused to laser focused, from uninspired to highly motivated, from being an interested observer to being a fully engaged participant in this game called life, then listen as Dr Rubin outlines how Dr Sid inspired him to truly follow his dreams.

Episode 217: The Opioid Epidemic & How It Effects Kids

The Opioid Epidemic is one of the worst man-made challenges in recent history. An article in the journal Pediatrics explains that this horrible crisis is effecting our kids too, especially in the 12-17 year old category (see article here: https://bit.ly/2thq3ut). Listen in on the beginning of class as Dr. Rubin tackles this serious issue.

Episode 216: The Environment Counts!

If you live in the US, then you live in the most beautiful and advanced country in the world. Why would we not want to take care of it? When walking into my office every morning, I am always picking up trash. Why? The great speaker Jim Rohn taught us that the environment counts, that little things like picking up the trash make a big difference. Pay it forward and pass it on!

Episode 215: “As A Man Thinketh…”

If you haven’t read “As a Man Thinketh…” by James Allen, you are probably missing one of the greatest small books of the early 20th century. It is incredibly motivating, and even though it was written over 100 years ago, it is still just as relevant today. Dr. Rubin explains the power of this short book in a passionate talk to students who are about to graduate. The book is available for free here: https://asamanthinketh.net/

Episode 214: Don’t Cross the Yellow Line

When you are driving, the only thing that is stopping your car from crossing over into oncoming traffic is a double yellow line. How do we make sure we are staying on our side of the line? What do we do when we encounter other professionals who cross the line? Dr. Rubin gives 3 examples of ‘line crossing.’

Episode 213: Innate Brain vs. Educated Brain

Our brains have 2 sides; left and right. BJ Palmer argued that our brains are also polarized as Innate vs. Educated. Part of our brain’s function is to use feelings, hunches, and intuition to guide us in making best decisions. He called that Above-down, inside-out. The other part of our brain is designed to download information from outside in. Both are necessary to succeed, but don’t let one get in the way of the other.

Episode 212: Brain Injury & Autism

Is Autism a sort of brain injury? Are the neurodegenerative diseases seen in adults such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s and the issues seen in concussions all related? Are there disconnections in the brain that are chemically, genetically or traumatically induced? Dr Rubin discusses this theory and backs it up with research.

Episode 211: The importance of the cranium

Most people never think about the importance of the cranium (or skull) especially in children, unless it is directly injured. Few people understand that there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that exit from various small holes in the skull that control things as vital as your eyes, ears, facial expressions, digestion, even your emotional state! Listen as Dr. Rubin explains why all kids should have their cranium checked.

Episode 210: Eyes are the windows to the brain

Eyes truly are the windows to the brain. You can tell so much about someone by looking in their eyes, not only about how they are feeling but how they are thinking. Are both eyes focused in the same direction? Do they move together? It’s not just about reading a Snellen Eye Chart and getting the letters correct. It’s about processing…is the brain processing what the eyes are seeing? Listen in to Class #3.