Episode 209: Three Books That Changed My Life

If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, then you have possibly missed 3 of the most life changing books. Each one touches on topics that no other books before or since have reached in quite the same way. Dr. Rubin gives you an excited reason to check each one of them out from your local library or buy all three on Amazon!

Episode 208: Dr. Sid-isms!

Sid-isms? Dr. Rubin taught a philosophy course at Life University from 2002-2003 that included what was affectionately known at the school as Sid-isms, or specific quotes that Dr. Sid used to say during his assembly’s or other lectures. Dr. Rubin describes several of his favorite Sid-isms and how they can be applicable to your life today.

Episode 207: Do you have morning rituals?

How do you prepare yourself for your day? Do you arrive for work at 8:58am sprinting through the door? Or do you get to work early and meditate, pray, visualize, breathe, and truly prepare yourself for your day? You will notice you are far more productive and approach the days ups and downs with more calmness if you give yourself the gift of ‘mental floss’ before you let the whirlwind of the day get past you.

Episode 206: Eyesight vs. Vision

Are you really seeing what you think you are seeing? What is behind your vision is your interpretation of what you are looking at. That makes up a lot of filters. How you look at things does make a difference. Listen to Dr. Rubin in the 2nd of 8 installments regarding building your visual abilities.

Episode 205: Subtle Substance of the Soul

“We chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul” starts the poetic description of how the body works in BJ Palmer’s “This Inner Power Speaks.” What does that mean? How do you describe what you do to someone? Do you describe the ‘what’ in what you do or the ‘why’? The why is something far more compelling and is what builds businesses and referrals. What’s your why?

Episode 204: The Big Idea

What’s the big idea? It is as simple as this: when you eat your breakfast or lunch, how does that sandwich turn into bones and eyes and stomach lining? How does your body know to breathe in and out? How does your heart know to keep pumping? That is the big idea…as Dr. Chuck Ribley would say, “the power that made the body, heals the body.” The body doesn’t heal itself…the power that made it heals it. As BJ Palmer said, “Get the big idea, and all else follows.”

Episode 203: Visual Diagnostic Thinking Strategies

The book, Visual Thinking Strategies, inspired Dr. Rubin to begin each one of his elective classes viewing different pictures or videos showing a variety of disorders, from chicken pox and measles to Autism and ADHD. Listen to lesson 1 of 8 in this series!

Episode 202: Who is the magician?

Your body is magical! Ever get a paper cut? What happens? You bleed, and then it stops. Who/what did that? Isn’t that amazing? The body has this incredible strength behind it, but so many of us don’t know how to tap into that potential. Dr. Rubin uses the analogy based on the book, Good to Great, to show how we can all have trajectories towards greatness.