Episode 201: Inhibitions Starve History

A child comes to our office and looks at the plastic spine model and exclaims excitedly, “Is that a spine?” When I answered yes, and asked if she wanted to hold it, she said, “I can hold the spine?” She was so filled with respect and reverence, and it made me wonder when do we adults lose that sort of enthusiasm? What do you look at now and say ‘wow’ about? Do you notice the beautiful sunrise as you’re driving to work? Do you look up at the stars at night before you go into your house or apartment? What about the gorgeous spring daffodils or Bradford Pear trees? It’s time for all of us to spend more time looking for ‘wow.’

Episode 200: Life University Graduation Speech 3.22.18

Honored to be asked to be the graduation speaker for Life University’s March 2018 class, Dr. Rubin shares 5 lessons from an early experience with a challenging pediatric case and relates that to what the new graduates might be facing in their practices. Some of the lessons came from mentors like Dr. Sid Williams and Dr. Larry Webster, others from almost 30 years of experience.

Episode 199a: Student Hat Doctor Hat

There’s a shift that has to occur when you go from student to doctor, from employee to employer, from worker to manager or supervisor. You’ve got to shift ‘hats.’ This is not an easy shift, since you might be so used to and so conditioned to be a student or employee or worker that switching roles is uncomfortable. To get past that, start trying on the 2nd hat while still wearing the first. Think like a doctor when you are a student. Think like an employer when you are an employee. Think like a supervisor when you are a worker. This way you are preparing yourself for the ultimate role you want. Just like the old saying, “to be, act as if!”

Episode 199: Saying What You Want vs. Saying What They Want

When you are asked to be on a TV or radio interview, it is very easy to get caught up in answering their questions in the way you think they want you to. Dr. Rubin suggests it is better to answer the questions the way YOU want to answer them. This is especially important on TV when the camera is rolling. What image do you want to portray for the profession? This is even applicable for job interviews.

Episode 198: “Easy Hard Vs Hard Easy”

Something that is easy hard means it’s easy to do in the moment but it makes things harder later (for example, eating fried chicken and ice cream everyday is easy but in the long run is not a good idea). Hard easy refers to something that is hard to do initially but makes your life easier later (such as starting an exercise program…hard to do initially but the improvements in your life later are extraordinary). What is your life filled with? Hard easy or easy hard?

Episode 197: “What Greater Joy Hath Man…”

BJ Palmer wrote “what greater joy hath man” in 1961, but those words still ring true for today. There is no greater joy that a person can have than to help another, to be in service to someone who needs help. That is the everyday blessing of being a chiropractor, but anyone can be of service, anytime. Even anonymously picking up trash off the street as you walk by it is being in service. The Rotary Club has the most apropos motto: Service above Self.

Episode 196: ICPA Summit 2018

Couldn’t make the Family Wellness Summit in Washington DC this past weekend? Or was there but missed Dr Rubin’s 2 presentations? Listen to how Dr Rubin asks: Is Humanity De-evolving? Maybe we are supposed to de-evolve to re-evolve? Is the new health revolution a re-evolution? Check us out at www.theadjustment.com or on Facebook at rubinfamilychiropractic.

Episode 195: Lollipop Moments

Have you ever been thanked for doing something really nice that you did years ago and hardly remember? But this gesture was so important to the other person that they remember! That’s a lollypop moment. Maybe if more of us live our lives trying to create more lollypop moments, the world would be a better place?