Episode 194: The Peace Prayer

The Peace Prayer is just as powerful today as it was when it was written hundreds of years ago by St. Francis, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains in his book “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.” Dr. Dyer suggests that each sentence can be used as a method to change the way you are thinking. As Dr. Dyer was fond of saying, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Rubin applies this to the problems we all face today, and how we can turn many of them around by applying the concepts in this prayer.

Episode 193: “A Principled Person is a Principal Person”

Learn the principles, become more of a principal (definition = the highest ranking person). BJ Palmer took the new principles of chiropractic and through his determination and persistence traveled around the world becoming the ‘principal’ spokesperson for chiropractic until his passing. Dr Rubin asks the question: would chiropractic survive if you had to be the principal spokesperson? Why not become that person now? Let’s make sure we take the principles to the people!

Episode 192: What if BJ Palmer were alive today?

Imagine this scenario…BJ Palmer is alive today and he has a 30 second spot commercial he just made for the Superbowl! What would he have done? Do you think he’d be the master of marketing in the 21st century like he was the master on TV and Radio in its infancy in the early to mid 1900’s? Listen to this live recorded talk in front of a fired up audience!

Episode 190: A Shortage of Elderberry?

In the last few weeks, a viral post created a sensation out of Elderberry and now not a single store around has it. We’ve been recommending it for years to boost kids immune systems, but suddenly everyone wants it. Meanwhile, the 18th school shooting this year occurs and politicians talk about ‘improving our mental health.’ What would improve the health of this country is not an outside in approach but an inside out approach! How do we do that? Listen in!

Episode 189: Just Get Started

So many of us say, “I don’t have time to work out, read, meditate, do yoga, etc.” Where did we come up with this idea that we have to work out for an hour or not work out at all? Suggestion: How about starting at 10 minutes? Same with reading, meditation, yoga, the list goes on and on. Why are we stuck on ‘all or nothing?’ New idea: just get started! No time? Do 5 minutes of yoga! No time? Read for 5 minutes! Too busy? Can you carve 10 minutes out of your day to work out? Even it is just walking in circles in your basement or apartment? Just get started!

Episode 188: Accumulative Survival Value

The concept of accumulative survival value comes from BJ Palmer. He describes accumulative constructive and destructive survival values. What direction is your life heading? Are you set on an accumulative path or destructive? It’s all based on your choices. The choices you make now determine not just your tomorrow but your 20+ years from now! Learn how to focus on accumulative survival values today.

Episode 187: Present Time Consciousness

Ram Dass said, “Be here now.” How many of us are physically ‘here’ but mentally somewhere else? Some call this mindfulness. I prefer the term present time consciousness (or PTC for short). The question, “where are you?” then takes on a new meaning. You may be ‘here’, but are you really ‘here?’ Dr. Rubin will explain techniques that help you build your ability to have a laser focus.