Episode 167: Relationship Scrapbook Part 1

Happily married for 26+ years, Dr Rubin and his wife share secrets to a creating a successful marriage. It takes work, daily work, not just during the courtship but every day. The title is based on a book Dr Lisa Rubin is currently writing, entitled The Relationship Scrapbook. This is a new format for this podcast…please let us know your thoughts about this on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rubinfamilychiropractic/ or email us at rubinchiropractic@gmail.com.

Episode 166: One Cause, One Correction- Fred Barge

One Cause, One Correction? What does that mean? When you boil it all down, there is only 1 problem that causes health issues, and that is dysfunction. An organ, muscle, bone, or other anatomical part is dysfunctioning, and the answer is to get that body part back to optimal function. There may be somewhere between 13,000 – 30,000 named diseases, yet they are all due to a malfunction. What’s the one correction? Getting the body to restore homeostasis to that area! What’s homeostasis? Balance and equilibrium . Listen to find out more!

Episode 165: Source Is Primary

Where does healing come from? If you cut your finger, what happens? You bleed, and then you stop bleeding. The cut heals itself! How? It is truly a miracle of the human body…this innate intelligence inside us that allows our bodies to heal and grow stronger IF we remove the interferences! Learn how to remove the interferences to your healing potential.

Episode 164: Big History

Big History, a TED talk, helped Dr Rubin think about how important history is in everyone’s life. Newton’s laws of physics explain how a body in motion tends to stay in motion, yet that also explains how success works. Success tends to breed more success, but lack of success unfortunately leads to more lack of success. How do we break out of that pattern? Look at your Big History and then change the pattern!

Episode 163: Nerves That Fire Together

Mass shootings seem to be an American phenomenon. According to a recent NY Times article (goo.gl/KmcKjT), the US is the leader in world democracy but also has more mass shootings than any other country per capita. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the old saying, “Nerves that Fire Together, Wire Together.” Dr Rubin points out that saying applies in either direction… Fire good OR fire bad! Listen as Dr Rubin explains this in the 2nd part of his mass shootings podcasts.

Episode 162: Whence Comes Greatness?

In the wake of the Texas Church Massacre, Dr Rubin asks the question that BJ Palmer asked in 1949. Whence (or exactly when) does greatness come? For some people, like Oprah or Bill Gates, it comes from doing great things for humanity. For people like Mother Teresa, it comes from doing great service. But for some people, the only way they feel that they can ‘reach greatness’ is by holding a weapon in their hands. Then they ‘feel great’. What can we do about this? Listen as Dr. Rubin brings new clarity to this terrifying issue.

Episode 161: Polyvagal Theory Revisited- What is happening to our species?

The Polyvagal Theory, as introduced by Dr. Stephen Porges, has been instrumental in Dr. Rubin’s formulating many of his current ideas. Dr Rubin recently revisited the thoughts from this astounding book, especially in consideration of where our species is going. Are we really evolving? Are we as human race moving up to the next level, or are we downshifting? Dr. Rubin asks that you be the judge.

Episode 160: Change Is Constant

Albert Einstein famously said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Isn’t that the truth? Dr Rubin discusses what that means as you encounter constant obstacles in your life. What will you do when you face these challenges? Hit them head on or turn away? As the great ‘sage’ from the movie Galaxy Quest once said, “Never give up. Never surrender!”