Episode 158: Work Is Fun…I Love to Work

Dr. Sid Williams had a saying that he drilled into our heads every seminar. “Work is fun…I love to work!” We are so blessed to have found a career where that is 100% true. If you fall in love with your work, then you don’t ever work a day in your life. I go to the office to play every day! Learn how to make this possible in your life.

Episode 157: Slipping & Checking. Pure Philosophy Part 2

BJ Palmer in his 1949 book, The Bigness of the Fellow Within, talks about Slipping & Checking in the game of golf vs the game of life. Easy to tell when you’ve slipped in golf. The poor outcome is automatic (ball heads into the woods, drops in the lake, etc). In life it’s not that straightforward. You can slip and slip and slip and not know it or realize it for months, years or ever! Dr. Rubin explains how he uses slipping & checking in his life. This is the 2nd in the series of 3 lectures Dr. Rubin did live in Houston, Texas. Please note there is a question at first that takes about 1 minute before Dr. Rubin begins the podcast.

Episode 156: Two Powerful Words

I will are the two magic words. Dr. Rubin then asks the question, “what will you do?” What will you do with all the gift you’ve been given? All the talent that you have? Are you planning your life? Are you designing your life? Don’t let anybody else create your dream. Start now, start here, start today! Listen on.

Episode 155: In The Beginning. Pure philosophy part 1

Dr. Rubin live in Houston, Texas, speaking to an excited group of students about chiropractic philosophy. Chiro philosophy is about living your whole life, going all out, being innately driven and serving a higher purpose. At the end Dr. Rubin fields a few questions from the audience. This is part 1 of a 3 part series, to be released 1x week.

Episode 153: Loving What Is

Byron Katie in her book, Loving What Is, describes that “If you argue with reality, you will lose 100% of the time.” So many of us question our past and live a life of ‘shoulda’s & coulda’s’ rather than focus on the only thing we can change right now, and that’s our mind. “To be, act as if!”

Episode 152: Who are we after 122 years?

122 years and this is what we have become? How do we grow the next 100 years to make them so much better than our first century? What should we be focusing on? Dr Rubin, in front of a very enthusiastic crowd at the GCC Bonfire Philosophy Night, gave chiropractic a picture of why we do what we do, and how to get to the next level! Just an FYI, the first 30 seconds of this talk are an announcement made by the GCC president after Dr Rubin was introduced so the sound quality is much lower during those opening moments.

Episode 151: Be A Better Servant

There is so much to accomplish in this crazy fast paced hectic life we lead. But why is it that the busiest people are the ones who always seem to be able to get the most done? It might be because they have their ‘why’ figured out. What you do in life is not as important as the why you do what you do! Learn that secret today!

Episode 150: Tragedy in Las Vegas: How Long to Sing This Song?

Many of us know the beautiful and haunting melody of the famous U2 song, in which Bono sings “how long to sing this song?” Events in Las Vegas this past week made Dr Rubin think about that song. How long do we have to sing the song of sorrow and tragedy and heartbreak? How many more people have to sacrifice their lives before enough people decide to make changes? Dr. Rubin thinks the time is now. What do you think?
Students… This message is especially for you. You are our country’s future. We need you to stand up and take charge and change our America. The people currently in power certainly aren’t doing it.