Episode 140: The Kids Are Not Alright!

If we don’t help the kids, who’s going to? This statement stands for everybody, not just for pediatric chiropractors. This statement applies to parents, family members, teachers, therapists, coaches, anybody who deals with kids. If we don’t stand for the kids, who will? Listen as Dr. Rubin explains the new urgency we must have when it comes down to taking care our legacy, the children.

Episode 139: Lessons from a Solar Eclipse

The United States experienced its first cross country solar eclipse in almost 100 years a few days ago. If you were a amongst one of the lucky ones in the 70 mile wide strip of totality, you saw an amazing spectacle. But elsewhere like in Atlanta Georgia, even though the sun was 97 percent blotted out, there was hardly any change in the amount of sunlight that we can see. What that showed us was that 97% does not equal 100%. Listen on to explain why that is so important.

Episode 138: What’s inside an acorn?

Ever look inside an acorn? Is there a little tree inside it? Or just a bunch of dust? How does that bunch of dust turn into a 100 foot tree? If it’s planted in fertile ground, fertilized, watered, gets plenty of sun, then it grows into exactly what it’s supposed to be. What’s inside of you? Are you planted in fertile ground? Are you taking in the right metaphorical food, water, sun to help you grow into what you should be and could be? Listen on!

Episode 137: The Law of Sowing & Reaping

There are many natural laws that we need to follow on the path to success. In the past the law of attraction has been spoken about. The law of sowing and reaping and the law of averages is next on the list. As the old saying goes, “as you sow, so also shall you reap” means more today than ever before. It’s easy to get discouraged but we have to understand that not every seed that we plant will produce fruit. It is up to us to sow and sow and sow, and then the law of averages says that we will reap. Because we know if we follow natural laws, they always work. Sometimes not in the timeframe we want, but they always work.

Episode 136: Someday Isle

Where are you right now? Are you living on ‘someday isle?” A place where you will get to your dreams when you get ‘a round tuit?’ Waiting for all your ducks to be lined up, all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed? Or are you living your dreams? Finding that mission and going for it, all out, 100%? “Someday isle” is a nice place, your feet are up, and you are coasting. But the only way to coast is where? Downhill! Time to look up and get up!

Episode 135: Do You Have A Blueprint For Your Life?

In order to build a building you have to build it twice. You first build it in your mind, create all the plans, order all the nails and screws and nuts and bolts and wood and spackle, and then you build the building. You can’t go out and just say “all right, I think today I’m going to make myself a nice new building” without having completely designed it first. Jim Rohn talks about the same concept with your life. What are you doing to make sure the life you create is your life and not someone else’s? Are you doing the little things that will make a big difference? Make yourself a life blueprint.

Episode 134: Don’t Change Your Name

In the latest issue of Dynamic Chiropractic, there is an article that is a front-page headline talking about how we should change the name of chiropractic to keep us up with the times. The author claims that the reason chiropractic is where it is is because the name ‘chiropractic’ is equivalent to a tradesman versus a doctor. It is my contention that the reason chiropractic is where we are has nothing to do with its name, but has to do what we have done in the last hundred plus years to dig us in the hole that we’re stuck in now. Dr. Rubin offers a way out.

Episode 133: My Idea for True Health Care in the USA

We’ve all heard of Obamacare; now there’s an attempt at Trumpcare. Dr. Rubin has created a third alternative to the healthcare crisis that exists today. What happens if there is a universal healthcare system that can truly provide health to their patients and not just sickness or crisis care? Does our current system really promote health or merely patch up sickness? Is it possible to have a plan that actually creates a healthier society? Could such a thing exist? Listen on