Episode 132: Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back

One of Dr. Sid Williams favorite metaphors was ‘dropping keys’. In this episode, Dr. Rubin talks about the three principles of ‘dropping the keys’ and how those three principles relate to not only building a successful chiropractic practice but can also relate to building a successful life. Dropping the keys is not as simple as it looks, and its subtle deeper meanings can help elevate your life and help you aim for the greatness that you deserve.

Episode 131: It’s About Their Life

We need to create a sense of urgency in our country about the issues that really matter. One of the issues that really matters is healthcare. The problem is not how does one get insurance coverage. The problem really is what is being covered. Everybody should have insurance coverage, and the focus of healthcare should be health and not treating sickness. As the definition says, health is not the absence of sickness. There are people both in the government and in healthcare that would rather focus on treating symptoms than on building the healthiest body possible. Listen in as Dr. Rubin describes one critical issue we face today in healthcare.

Episode 130: De-Evolution

When we were in school, we all studied about evolution. We all know about Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. But today it looks like the human species is de-evolving. Babies are supposed to be able to eat, poop and sleep, but so many of them have troubles with these basic survival mechanisms. If they have trouble with the most simplest basic things that everybody must do in order to thrive, what’s the next step? The human species is not following its path of continual evolution. What can be done to change this de-evolution? Listen on!

Episode 129: No Fear Gluten Free Dairy Free at Whole Foods

Being gluten free & dairy free for 20+ years gives Dr. Rubin the edge when discussing this controversial topic, since it is part of his lifestyle and not just some trendy fad that he’s recently started or read about. Listen as the fully engaged audience at Whole Foods enjoys the stories and advice that experience provides, especially relating to the feeding of picky eaters and traveling. This podcast is a bit longer than usual, about 33 minutes.

Episode 128: Prepare Your Life

Are you going through life or are you preparing for life? Are you spending your time living vicariously through other peoples lives by wasting a lot of precious moments on social media? Or are you sharpening your sword and preparing for battle every single day? Are you getting yourself ready for every encounter that you’ll have now and in the future, or are you merely treading water waiting for the day to end? Are you designing your life or merely living it? Listen to this podcast and be inspired to take more action than you ever have before!

Episode 127: Care So Much That You Don’t Care At All!

One of the most profound statements Dr. Sid Williams ever said is, You’ve got to care so much that you don’t care at all.” When Dr. Rubin first heard that, he had no idea what it meant. But the more he pondered on it and discussed it with his wife and colleagues, the more he understood the wisdom behind that brief sentence. Listen to this glimpse of the philosophy of Dr. Sid and what it can mean to your life.

Episode 126: Hackschooling

How do you excel at whatever occupation you choose? Most would answer: study, read, follow the path left by the greats before us, and all of those answers are right. But the 13 year old boy that created the term ‘hackschooling’ and was featured in a TED talk suggests one step better: hacking. He doesn’t mean the kind of hacking that is going on today, from foreign nationals hacking into computers of huge corporations or even governments. What he is talking about is blazing new paths in time-trodden careers. Think about the iPhone. Nobody was crying out for it. But Steve Jobs created something that has now permeated the entire world, by his ‘hacking’ into design and engineering that previously was not thought of for a cell phone!