Episode 124: Speak Their Language

Whose language are you speaking? Are you speaking what THEY want or what YOU want? Are you creating the life of YOUR dreams or of THEIR dreams for you? We have to pay attention to the voices that are in our heads and ask the key question…whose voice is that? Is that my voice? BJ Palmer used to call it the ‘wee small voice’ inside. The loud voices, those of fear, rejection, hate, they are not the ones to follow. What does your heart tell you? Listen to Dr. Rubin tell stories of 2 remarkable children and how their lessons can affect your life.

Episode 123: Change Genetics

Do you realize how powerful the human body is? Do you realize how powerful the human brain is? Do you realize that we are not stuck with our brains and the bodies as they exist right now? We can change! We can change any thing at any time! How? With the right input! And the right amount of time that those inputs or put in. Each one of us has ability to change his or her genetic expression. You may not be able to change your actual DNA, but you can’t change how the DNA is expressed in your body each and every day. Whether this is in regards to chiropractic adjustments for a neurologically challenged child, or it’s about motivating yourself to start a new habit, as one of the famous chiropractic principles illustrates, everything, everything, everything takes time!

Episode 122: Giving Up Its Secrets To You

Dr. Rubin’s mentor until his untimely death was Dr. Larry Webster. In this podcast, Dr Rubin fondly remembers a phrase that Dr. Webster said in a seminar. He said, “when you fall in love with chiropractic, it will give up it’s secrets to you.” Dr Rubin talks about the difference between being the technician, who is simply working a job, versus someone who is so passionate and in love with what they do, that whatever their chosen field is, it tends to give up its secrets to you. Hear Dr. Rubin explain what those secrets are and how you can use them in your life.

Episode 121: The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Have you ever had a day when you said to yourself, “I’ve had it? Enough is enough?” Dr. Rubin explains one such day he had many years ago, and uses his mentor Jim Rohn to describe what four steps you should take when you have one of those kind of days. Everybody has days like this. Now you have an action step to do what needs to be done to turn your life around.

Episode 120: GFC Philosophy

The GFC philosophy stands for God and Family chiropractic. If you are not in chiropractic, the it stands for God Family Career. It was first talked about in one of BJ Palmer’s Green books, and is a System to determine whether or not something should be done in your life. In other words, if you come to a decision or a fork in the road, how do you decide what to do? Using the God Family Chiropractic model, every decision the Rubins make is based upon if it is okay with those three concepts. If even one out of those three ideas does not jive with the GFC philosophy, no matter what that idea is, is canned. You need all three to proceed. Learn how you can use the system for yourself.