Episode 119: Polyvagal Theory

The Polyvagal theory is one of most revolutionary ideas to come across chiropractic and neuroscience in the last 25 years. That along with the concept of neuroplasticity has created a complete turnaround in how we look at the nerve system and how bodies heal, especially from what used to be thought of as a behavioral issues such as autism and ADHD. The Polyvagal theory is an elegant way of explaining how the nervous system does not work as a balanced system but as a hierarchical system. Come learn from one of the top pediatric chiropractors on how he applies these theories to his practice.

Episode 118: Nerves That Fire Together

After listening to a video by Dr. Joe Dispensa, in which he mentioned the old quote from Dr. Hebb, “Nerves that fire together wire together!” Dr Rubin asked the class, “What is stopping you from being successful in your future?” He then asked, “How many have written goals?” and was saddened to see only half raised their hand. “You must be successful,” he implored, “for two reasons: first off… Why not you? You deserve it! And more importantly, because every time you’re not successful, a child suffers because you didn’t adjust them!”

Episode 117: Storms Of Your Life

The amazing Erik Weihenmeyer climbed Mount Everest blind and kayaked all the way through the Grand Canyon river! Listening to his story was so inspirational that Dr. Rubin challenges his audience to think about what is possible in their lives! Like the old saying goes, if he can do it with these kind of almost insurmountable issues, you can do anything. Erik talked about how he used the storms of his life as the generator of fuel for his dreams. What a different way to live. Listen to this exciting Podcast and tap into a different way for you to live!

Episode 116: Find Your Flavor

When you walk into your favorite cold stone creamery or Dairy Queen, and you are in a rush to get in and out, you probably go to your favorite flavor. You don’t have time to agonize over the 150 combinations of things you can make. It’s time to do that now with your life. It’s time to pick a flavor and stop thinking that this is a dress rehearsal and that we have ample time to agonize over what direction we need to take. We need to choose now. We need to develop a sense of urgency. Listen and help develop your new direction.

Episode 115: Autism, Neuroplasticity and Concussions

In this extended length Podcast, that runs for over 40 minutes, Dr. Rubin explains to many seemingly what autism, neuroplasticity, and concussions have in common. A lot more than you think. This discussion, in front of the Life University ICPA family wellness club, outlines what Dr. Rubin will be discussing for four hours during the Life University fall celebration. The possibilities of what our bodies are capable of in terms of healing are endless, and that’s how this inspired talk brings things together. As the saying goes, “anything is possible”.

Episode 114: I Rest My Case

Dr. Rubin passionately pleads a case for chiropractic going back to its roots of adjusting to improve performance, increased potential, and allow the intelligence of the body to express itself closer to 100%. Reading from the latest Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Rubin shows that the profession’s choice to hang it’s hat on back pain isn’t being accepted by the medical community and hasn’t been for over 100 years. He asked when are we going to go back to our roots, and do what we were born to do? What DD Palmer and BJ Palmer had in mind when they created our profession?