Episode 112: Choose A Side

Many people ask the question is “chiropractic covered by insurance?”
Dr. Rubin explains why Insurance is not usually the most favorable way to support your healthcare. Using insurance to pay for every single doctor visit is becoming a thing of the past. Most people now are choosing to pay for healthcare out of their own pockets because they realize investing in their health is investing in their own future. There is no greater investment that you can make that an investment in your health.

Episode 111: Natural Vs Unnatural

Dr. Rubin came across an article from a recent medical journal that discusses how the word “natural” used in conjunction with the word “breastfeeding” is actually very problematic, because it might make people misconstrue that natural breastfeeding is best and everything else is NOT natural. What sort of thinking is going to say that we shouldn’t call breastfeeding natural or good? This is an example of the kind of thinking that gotten this country in such tremendous financial trouble, since our healthcare system is crashing all around us and us. Why have we moved so far away from the natural? Since when is natural a bad word?

Episode 110: The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Chiropractors are truly Neuroplasticians. The body’s ability to heal itself and the brain’s ability to heal itself, is far more profound and amazing than we ever thought possible. For years it was thought that brains don’t heal, nerves don’t heal, that neuroanatomy is fixed and hardwired, but we learned otherwise. We learned that we have this incredible neuroplasticity that makes our ability to heal truly astounding. Learn how you can tap into this amazing power!

Episode 109: 1984

George Orwell wrote the novel 1984 back in 1949. A lot of people are talking about the similarities between some of the things that are happening in the novel 1984 and what’s happening now in our current day world. The fact that surveillance is at an all time high and that the media is constantly trying to sway what they want the public to know is very much like George Orwell’s dystopian future and Big Brother. But we as individuals have a way to stop that future from occurring. Hear Dr. Rubin talk with a classroom of enthusiastic students about what we can do as individuals to change and prevent a future like that from happening

Episode 108: QBQ

What’s the question before the question? That’s a QBQ. Based on a book by John Miller, Dr. Rubin asks his audience what’s your QBQ, what’s the real reason you do what you do, what is the motivating factor that’s bringing you to success? As John Miller explained in the story about the waiter, it’s not what you get from what you do…it’s what you give that brings on a higher level of personal accountability.