Episode 107: When Good Isn’t Good Enough

In the old days, success was measured by ‘putting in a hard days work.” You work hard, do a good enough job, and the company will pay you and you will work there for 30 years until you retire. Those days are done. Today, working hard doesn’t cut it. Working smarter is cliche. To get ahead today, you’ve got to stay ahead of the pack. Be on top of your game. Be unique and stand out. Dr Rubin shows you how.

Episode 106: Our Deepest Fear

Dr Rubin reads Marianne Williamson’s famous quote about ‘our deepest fear’, and then challenges the audience by asking, “Who told you that you can’t be a great success?” He goes on to explain the deeper meaning behind Marianne’s message and how we can directly apply it to our lives today.

Episode 105: Be A Laser

In one of this podcasts more practical sessions, Dr. Rubin takes his audience on a four part journey of creating a guiding hierarchy, a mission statement, and a simple goalsetting process. He ends with advice on a daily implementation of this goalsetting. This is the system that Dr. Rubin has been using for many years, based on the work of Dr. Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.

Episode 104: Make Chiropractic Great Again

Dr Rubin, in one of his most passionate talks, compares the recent presidential campaign slogan of, “make America great again” to a three-step process that he calls, “make chiropractic great again.” He outlines three vital actions that chiropractic must take in order to shift away from a potential negative cascade of events and create the field of dreams that is chiropractics possibility.

Episode 103: Design Your Life

Dr. Rubin explains how the best way to market your own practice or your own business is to create a niche market for yourself. He uses the example of Tony Robbins and how he began his motivational speaking career years ago before there was what is now known as the long tail. Now more than ever we have to use this long tail to niche market ourselves.