Episode 101: The Mission Is Now

Many chiropractors and chiropractic students go on mission trips out of the country to take care of thousands of people who will not ordinarily get chiropractic care. It is a beautiful and amazing gift to give these people, but why can’t we make a mission trip in our office right now? To Dr. Rubin, the mission trip means you’re on a mission now, every day, every moment you are adjusting someone. The mission is here and now!

Episode 100: Positivity for the Falcons

The Atlanta falcons last weekend played in the Super Bowl and Dr. Rubin argues that the media should have celebrated the events that took place instead of dragging the Falcons through negativity. In one of his most passionate displays on his 100th episode, he urges the media to become positive seekers instead of negative finders. Wouldn’t you rather have heard them say, “Congratulations Falcons! You’ll always be super to us! “?

Episode 99: Far Better Off Without Subluxation

Dr. Reggie Gold, another one of Dr. Rubin’s heroes, always said “You are far better off without a subluxation than you are with one.” Dr. Rubin explains how one young patient, who started in his office when she was in elementary school and now is in college, has completely adopted the chiropractic lifestyle. That is what it’s all about. It’s not about a job, it’s about a life and a lifestyle.

Episode 98: Next

Chiropractic at 122 years old is facing its biggest issue in 2017. We have been a drugless profession for over a century and now things might change. The best way that we can can’t handle this situation is by thinking Dr Sid’s philosophy of Next! If there was a fire in a hotel, he used to explain, you try to get everybody out and don’t waste your time on the people who won’t leave. It’s time for us to go on the offensive and not remain defensive and reactionary.