Episode 306: The State of Pregnancy in the US

When a patient announces that they just found out that they are pregnant, it is a time of great excitement and joy. However, it’s also a time of high anxiety, panic, and worry. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a maximum C-section rate at 15%. The US rate is at 32%, while Norway’s rate is 17%. What’s the difference? We treat a pregnancy like we treat a disease, like it’s a problem that needs to be solved instead of a natural process that’s been happening for millennia!

Episode 305: Are You A Lighthouse?

Being a lighthouse has many different connotations. You can be a beacon of hope in the fog of life’s challenges. You can be the steady light amongst the ever changing sea. Or you can be the tallest tower in the region, the sort of landmark that everybody knows. Be the lighthouse for your family, your community, your patients. Be their beacon of hope during this time of turmoil.

Episode 304: Getting Past Inertia

Inertia is what keeps a rock stuck in the ground or a person stuck in less than positive habits. As Issac Newton said, ‘A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless acted on by an outside force.’ What is your outside force? What will make you change your direction? Are you stuck in inertia or are you in motion?

Episode 303: Change their Brains, Change their Life!

Trajectories. It’s all about trajectories. If early intervention is the key, isn’t neurologically-based chiropractic care for kids, especially those with Autism, the best possible intervention? That was Dr. Rubin’s passionate question at the 2019 Autism One conference, where he was honored to be one of the speakers. Listen as Dr. Rubin lays out the problem and then offers a plan of action to reach the kids who need it the most.

Episode 302: Only 40% of US Children are Flourishing??

Almost 60% of US kids are NOT flourishing??? How is that possible? The study from Johns Hopkins shows that children need to build resilience and family connections in order to flourish. Chiropractically, they also need to build health resilience by working on their brain and nerve system function, as well as ensuring the best nerve system connections so they don’t end up as a ‘disconnected kid’ (as Dr. Melillo would say). Let’s build kids resilience and connection and help them flourish! Article found here: https://www.healthaffairs.org/doi/10.1377/hlthaff.2018.05425

Episode 301: “In the beginning…”

“You never know…” can be a very accurate statement. Back in 1983 while at SUNY Albany for undergraduate, I worked in a facility for the developmentally disabled, before I even knew what my exact career choice would be, Who would have known, over 30 years later, the impact that part time college job would have on my life? Who could have predicted in 1983 that a large percent of the children I see in practice have some sort of developmental disability, and that job prepared me for my speciality in chiropractic? You never can know…

Episode 300: “What Greater Joy?”

“What greater joy” can you have than to help the kids, families, pregnant women, live better lives? Feel how amazing our lives as chiropractors are! We are so blessed to help children, adults, athletes, everybody, with just our hands! What other profession gets to do what we do, and celebrate it the way we can? Gotta love it!

Episode 299: Barcelona, Picasso and Chiropractic

Just visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, looking at Picasso’s 1957 interpretation of the painting Las Meninas by Velazquez (from 1656). The same scene, 2 dramatically different representations. This holds true with chiropractic. There were no complaints about either version of the painting. Nobody said one painting was ‘rubbish’. Can’t we do that in chiropractic? Can the mechanistic chiro’s and the subluxation-based chiro’s finally agree that we are all trying to help people?

Episode 298: What’s really happening ‘out there.’

Keeping up with the research, keeping up with the health care trends, is vital to communicate with your patients. For example, it is imperative to know about the recent mumps and measles outbreaks since practice members are going to ask you about it. And we have to face the negative media we are occasionally getting since patients ask about too!

Episode 297: Shark Tank…the next big thing

What is the next big thing in chiropractic? Something is about to change in a big way to revolutionize chiropractic. I encourage our profession and our students to think ahead of the curve, because either someone else on the mechanistic side of chiropractic will come up with something, or we will, and I’d rather it be the vitalists. So come on a ‘Shark Tank’ journey with us…