Episode 289: “Neuroskeleton” & “Functionating”

DD Palmer in his 1914 book The Chiropractor made some revolutionary comments, including mentioning what he called the ‘neuroskeleton.’ That is a brilliant foreshadowing of today’s more neurologically based chiropractic. He also coined a term ‘functionating’, which described how optimum the nerve system’s tone was (tone being another favorite of DD’s). Listen in as Dr. Rubin explains to Logan University via webinar what DD Palmer is saying to the 21st century chiropractor.

Episode 288: Autism and Communication

There is a saying in the Autism community: “If you’ve seen 1 person with Autism, you’ve seen 1 person with Autism.” There are so many manifestations that really don’t fit in the categories defined by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) used by psychologists and psychiatrists. Amanda Baggs, an adult with Autism, posted a video on Youtube in 2007, has over 1 million views and accurately describes what she calls the ‘workings of the Autistic brain.” It will shift your thinking about how a person with Autism thinks. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/JnylM1hI2jc

Episode 287: The Love of My Life

Love is a very overused word. People say they love ice cream or love a good book, but for Dr. Rubin, love is a special word reserved for a special person or being passionate about a purpose. Dr. Rubin talks about how he loves his wife of 28 years, how he loves adjusting kids and talking about adjusting kids, and how these are all interrelated.

Episode 286: Scale…a small thing to a big thing

In BJ Palmer’s “A Slip on the Snowy Sidewalk”, he presents a method for looking at scale, a way to take an occurrence that is common and then expanding it to represent all of humanity. He called this the Big Idea, and it means taking what each of us does and magnify that over thousands of chiropractors and millions of adjustments. Imagine how far reaching all of our adjusting has been and will be? That is scale!

Episode 285: History Repeats

The Green Book, History Repeats, was written in 1951, by BJ Palmer. It talks about how chiropractic as a profession always seems to be making the same mistakes. Dr. Larry Webster in the 1980’s mentioned this fact in an old ICPA video, and today, we face the same challenges. Webster knew pediatrics was the most rewarding specialization, but also knew it was filled with potential detours that can sidetrack our ability to help the children who need it the most….

Episode 284: Do We Need Science, Art & Philosophy?

Chiropractic’s founder’s created a Triune of Science, Art and Philosophy purposefully, to emphasize the importance of needing a sturdy foundation to build this healthcare discipline. Dr Rubin believes it is far better to hold the thought: “all for one and one for all!” We need each of them to use all of them, and in this podcast, Dr Rubin will explain how they dovetail together.

Episode 283: The Road Less Traveled

“Life is difficult…and when you accept that life is difficult, life is no longer as difficult” is a quote from Dr. M. Scott Peck’s amazing book, The Road Less Traveled. If we can look at our difficulties and realize that difficulties are a part of life, that challenges ARE life, then we can more readily accept the bumps in the road that we all will face.

Episode 282: Lyme Disease & PANDAS

Lyme and PANDAS are a part of a growing set of issues known as Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Watching trends for the last 30 years, Dr Rubin recalls a time when Lyme was relatively infrequent and PANDAS was unheard of. Now we are seeing more and more kids with one or sometimes both of these challenges. And we are finding that once you develop either, you are prone to relapses.

Episode 281: What does movement mean to you?

The word movement has a number of different meanings. It could mean moving locations, moving your body (as in exercise), move the bone (like Gonstead), or being moved emotionally. A good chiropractor understands how to use all 4 parts of this word ‘movement’ to create a feeling in their patients, whether they are 3 days, 3 years, or 30 years old. To inspire our patients, we have the ‘move’ them on multiple numbers of planes. We should really embrace the word, MOVEMENT!

Episode 280: The 7 Habits of a Successful Pediatric Practice

What makes a successful pediatric chiropractic practice? Dr. Rubin celebrates his 30th anniversary in chiropractic this year, and was asked to speak at Life Vision Raw, so he distilled all those years of effort into 7 timeless principles. Listen on..