Episode 228: Subluxation Is Antiquated?

Some people think that terms like subluxation, chiropractic, and adjustment are antiquated. I read a blogpost recently that says that the word “subluxation represents everything that is wrong with our profession.” I respectfully disagree. It is important to honor our past as we move into the future. Obviously how a subluxation is defined is different today that 1895, but our job as nerve system doctors hasn’t changed. Free the body from interference, see if we can help co-create the best health possible for that particular person. The salutogenic model is the key to the future of healthcare. Listen on!

Episode 227: “Your Mountain is Waiting”

Dr. Seuss said in his book, “Oh the places you’ll go” that ‘your mountain is waiting.’ What does that mean? It means to get to the top, you will have to climb mountains. Some mountains are easier than others. Some mountains are downright challenging! But what choice do we have? The mountains are there. Now go out and climb!

Episode 226: Upper extremity visual diagnostic clues

This is the 8th in the series of Visual Diagnostic Improvement podcasts that started back with Episode 203. Upper extremities can give us lots of clues about the child not just if they have obvious issues but also subtle signs as well. Listen as Dr. Rubin takes us on around the arm to finish off this series. Starting next week tune in to a new series about pediatric adjusting.

Episode 225: Visual Examination of the Lower Extremities

Visually diagnosing lower extremity issues is an important part of practice and can be a confusing one. We are constantly getting questions like, “Is that normal?” or “Is that ok?” Dr. Rubin will guide you on what to look for whether you are a chiropractor or an interested parent.

Episode 224: Build confidence

Chiropractic suffers from an extreme lack of confidence. The entire profession is in a reactive state, probably from years of bullying. But now that we have so much evidence and science backing us up, shouldn’t we be ok with our philosophical underpinnings and shout it from the rooftops. People want what we do and more importantly need what we have! We need to believe in ourselves not just personally but as a profession!

Episode 223: Why is philosophy important?

Ayn Rand asked the question, “Philosophy…who needs it?” The answer is: everybody! In order to have a mission or a purpose, you need to know your philosophy, your reason why. Victor Frankl stated, “When you know your ‘why’, you can endure almost any ‘how.” This is a recording of a webinar with the Logan University College of Chiropractic Philosophy Club from February 2018.

Episode 222: Improving Visual Diagnostic Ability, Part 2

When you look examine a child, whether you are a parent or a doctor, you must rely not just on what is said but what your eyes tell you about the situation. There are so many clues that words won’t give you but your visual ability will. Listen to this as Dr. Rubin continues to explain how to improve your visual strategies.

Episode 221: Pediatric skin issues

Dr. Rubin takes you for a tour of the variety of skin related issues you might encounter in a pediatric chiropractic office. From rash diseases to food reactions, hear how Dr. Rubin describes what you might see whether you are a family based chiropractor or you are an interested parent.

Episode 220: Autism Trajectories

Trajectory implies direction. Where is the child headed? In an article from the journal Pediatrics in 2012 titled, Six Developmental Trajectories Characterize Children With Autism. I’d like to suggest that there are other trajectories, and one of them is children under chiropractic care. We see miracles everyday and that was one trajectory that was not spoken about in the Pediatric article. Listen for more!

Episode 219: Disruptive Pediatrics

Disruptive is a favorite buzz-word lately. From our perspective, we like doing things that nobody else does, recognizing things no one else sees, and because of that, get results that most don’t. Bill Esteb, one of my favorite chiropractic speakers (who actually is not a chiropractor but is a totally bought-in patient), had a great talk at the ICPA Family Wellness Summit in March, titled “Disruptive Chiropractic.” After his amazing speech on Friday night of the Summit, I was so enthused that these steps for Disruptive Pediatrics poured out of me. Check them out!