Episode 297: Shark Tank…the next big thing

What is the next big thing in chiropractic? Something is about to change in a big way to revolutionize chiropractic. I encourage our profession and our students to think ahead of the curve, because either someone else on the mechanistic side of chiropractic will come up with something, or we will, and I’d rather it be the vitalists. So come on a ‘Shark Tank’ journey with us…

Episode 296: “This Inner Power Speaks”

BJ Palmer describes what chiropractors do as working with ‘the subtle substance of the soul.’ He doesn’t talk in this brief chapter from ‘The Bigness of the Fellow Within’ about subluxations, adjustments, or even the spine. He talks with reverence about the “tiny rivulet of force” that “animates the internal living world.”

Episode 295: Bohemian Rhapsody

Most likely Freddie Mercury of Queen did not read BJ Palmer’s “Bigness of the Fellow Within”. But he did write, in Queen’s hit song, We Are The Champions, that he “considers it a challenge before the human race.” Dr. Rubin feels Freddie Mercury was talking about chiropractic…and our challenge is getting chiropractic to the masses. You’ve heard the statement, “If they knew what we knew, they’d do what we do!” Why hasn’t chiropractic reached critical mass yet? That is the challenge Dr. Rubin offers you: can we get the entire country adjusted?

Episode 294: Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Looking at works of art can be exhilarating because you get a chance to view it from multiple different vantage points, not just visually and physically but emotionally. What does the painting mean to you? How does it make you feel? There are often 2 sides to every story.

Episode 293: “Not on my watch!”

When BJ Palmer said “Guard it well,” he was referring to keeping chiropractic philosophy pure. The phrase “Not on my watch” was used in WWII, meaning “while I am on guard, I will do everything in my power to make sure America is safe and sound.” Chiropractors and chiropractic students: What are we doing to guard it well? To do what BJ asked us to do in 1961?

Episode 292: Australia & the future of pediatric chiropractic

Thirty years I’ve been in practice but never in a million years would I have predicted an entire nation (Australia) to mandate that chiropractors shouldn’t “use spinal manipulation” on children 2 years of age or younger. As a pediatric chiropractor in the US, it saddens me to think of what this means for our future. I see kids everyday that are 2 years old and younger improving in so many ways it’s practically magical. Listen on to hear a possible way around this latest situation.
Here is the link to the Australia policy: https://www.ahpra.gov.au/News/2019-03-14-Board-announces-interim-policy.aspx

Episode 291: “Advertising is Ethical”

BJ Palmer wrote “Advertising is Ethical” back in 1950, and explained the importance of ‘telling the story.’ But with the advent of social media, advertising now takes on a whole new meaning that BJ never imagined, and that is posting of videos and advertorials that may portray chiropractic in a less than positive light. Yes, advertising is ethical, but it is of utmost importance for us to filter what we are saying, writing and especially posting as videos.

Episode 290: Let’s add Technology to the 3 T’s of Trauma, Toxins & Thoughts

DD Palmer back in 1910 suggested that subluxations come from Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts, what modern chiropractors have named the 3 T’s. Back then, technology was more related to movement and industry, with the advent of cars, airplanes, and machinery for the industrial revolution. Now we need to add our 21st century concept of technology to the list of the 3 T’s, since Tech accounts creates trauma (such as Tech Neck), Toxins (from associated EMF’s), and Thoughts (the super fast pace that Tech has pushed on us).

Episode 289: “Neuroskeleton” & “Functionating”

DD Palmer in his 1914 book The Chiropractor made some revolutionary comments, including mentioning what he called the ‘neuroskeleton.’ That is a brilliant foreshadowing of today’s more neurologically based chiropractic. He also coined a term ‘functionating’, which described how optimum the nerve system’s tone was (tone being another favorite of DD’s). Listen in as Dr. Rubin explains to Logan University via webinar what DD Palmer is saying to the 21st century chiropractor.

Episode 288: Autism and Communication

There is a saying in the Autism community: “If you’ve seen 1 person with Autism, you’ve seen 1 person with Autism.” There are so many manifestations that really don’t fit in the categories defined by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) used by psychologists and psychiatrists. Amanda Baggs, an adult with Autism, posted a video on Youtube in 2007, has over 1 million views and accurately describes what she calls the ‘workings of the Autistic brain.” It will shift your thinking about how a person with Autism thinks. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/JnylM1hI2jc