Episode 277: The Crooked Face Epidemic

Have you ever noticed how many smiles are crooked these days? Or how many children have eyes that are not working together? Dr. Rubin began noticing this trend years ago when he started working with kids on the spectrum and with infants with developmental issues, but never heard it put so concisely as he did when he heard about the new book, Crooked, by Forrest Maready. To add to Mr. Maready’s work, Dr. Rubin suggests that the environment and epigenetics can be added to the list of causative factors. Fascinating stuff…listen on!

Episode 276: Dyslexia, Learning Disorders, and Chiropractic

Learning disorders now affect approximately 10% of our young kids today, which equates to about 1 in 5 children in the US. Today there is more help and advocacy than ever before for these children, but one potentially important piece that is not often accomplished is early intervention. It is challenging to assess an actual learning disorder until the child is old enough for preschool, however there may be signs earlier on, pointing us to weaknesses that can strengthened before they are in preschool.

Episode 275: Green Books…why they should be read and re-read

Green book? What’s a Green book? It is a series of 39 volumes written mostly by BJ Palmer from about 1910 to 1961, containing the essence of chiropractic philosophy. If you haven’t read Green Books, then you haven’t really felt the passion and urgency of the BJ Palmer chiropractic philosophy. Where to start? The Bigness of the Fellow Within!

Episode 274: “Think & Grow Rich”

“Think & Grow Rich” is one of the most influential books I have ever read. Written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, it is as applicable today as it was when I first read it in 1993. Hill would say that the combination of written down goals and a burning desire to achieve them makes you almost unstoppable. Get busy writing 2019 goals!

Episode 273: Dr. Fred Barge- His thoughts and wisdom

How many of you have read the book, “Are You The Doctor, Doctor?” Dr. Fred Barge was an icon but his legacy lives on with his books and the spirit of chiropractic that he embodied. Another great book of his is: “Life Without Fear.” These both should be required reading in chiropractic school, along with BJ Palmer’s “Bigness of the Fellow Within” and “The Glory of Going On” and Dr. Sid Williams, “Lasting Purpose.” This IS now the correct Fred Barge podcast. The 1st download yesterday was incorrect. Thanks and sorry about the confusion!

Episode 272: How does Margaritaville & Chiropractic Fit Together?

How does Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and chiropractic fit together? They both started with an idea and then built an empire around it. BJ Palmer could have kept chiropractic a family secret like his dad wanted, but he knew it was bigger than the 2 of them. Jimmy Buffett has taken 1 hit song and knew he could make something more out of it, and is one of the top grossing recording artists of today! Not because he has more hit records, but because he knows how to market himself. We can take a lesson from that! Happy Holidays!

Episode 271: Milestones are called Milestones for a Reason!

Milestones are not called mile suggestions. When you are on a jogging trail and you pass by a mile marker, it doesn’t say “somewhere between 3/4 of a mile and 1 mile.” The mile marker is very specifically at the 1 mile mark. Same thing with milestones. They are the way the infant and toddlers’ brain literally turns on or boots up. Sure there are variations, especially with preemies, but for the most part, certain things should happen within very certain times or else concern should be raised.

Episode 270: “What to do about your Brain Injured Child”

Glenn Doman wrote the book, “What to do about your Brain Injured Child” over 30 years ago but it is still a classic. Anybody who either has a child with disabilities or has a child who has sustained a brain injury should read this. It talks about roadblock injuries, the place in the brain where the child cannot get past. Doman mentions the ‘workplace’ of a child with brain challenges should be the floor and not a chair or carseat.

Episode 269: The 6 Types of Concussions

Recently I was asked to speak about concussions to a large group of chiropractors, and 2 of the most important topics in that 4 hour class were: there are 6 types of concussion, and their are some very interesting risk factors for certain people who will have a more challenging time healing from concussions. Many of the risk factors truly make sense once you understand the 6 types of concussion.

Episode 268: Your Profound Reason Why

Do you explain why you do what you do? Your job is not simply to adjust mechanically, but to transfer a feeling from you to them about how amazing their body (or their kids body is) and how you want to reconnect them. Our patients come to us in varying degress of ‘disconnectedness’ and our mission is to change that.