Episode 240: Unexpected

The way chiropractic works is by putting an unexpected gentle force into the body, and the body then trying to make sense of that force by doing work on its own. The same is true with exercise, nutrition, meditation, yoga…all these unexpected health deposits make your brain and body think. Doing the same thing over and over again will produce less beneficial results. Do the unexpected. (Based on the video on YouTube showing a child with Autism delivered a graduation speech…see it here: https://youtu.be/mviCb2uFLCs)

Episode 239: The Fallacy of “I’m Fine.”

How many times has a patient or friend said to you, “I’m fine” but you knew that something was ‘up’? We have the unique ability to pick up on these cues and Dr. Rubin suggests you train your brain to be a radar for the subtle signs of distress. One way that this can be trained is by actively looking at works of art and seeing how many details you can notice in a short period of time.

Episode 238: Autism & Neuro Diversity

Neurodiversity asks that we look at children with Autism as part of our diverse culture. We celebrate so many types of diversity but try to medicate Neurodiversity. Why is that? Every child has their unique gifts…it is our job to help each child find those gifts and foster an environment to nurture them to their fullest expression.

Episode 237: 5 Lessons from My Father-In-Law

My father-in-law passed away last week, and in his passing, I was taught many lessons in how to live. He was an incredibly powerful and inspirational man with over 50 years practicing as a medical doctor and almost 60 years of marriage. Here are just a few of the things he showed us on the path of a well-lived life. Miss you, Dad.

Episode 236: The Art of Autism

Comparing works of art done by famous painters like Monet and Klee to art created by children with Autism reveals incredible similarities. These children have had little or no formal training but are able to create artwork that is masterful (see example here: https://irisgracepainting.com/). How is this talent in a 5 year old possible? Because she has an unfiltered connection to her gift. We all have gifts to share, no matter what is happening with us. What is your gift? And are you sharing it with the world?

Episode 235: What Is Wrong with Our Brains?

Autism, ADHD, Concussions, Seizures, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…all on the rise! Why? What is wrong with the brains today? Not just in kids with developmental or behavioral issues, but in adults with weakened brains too. Dr. Rubin postulates some new ideas as to what is happening and why in this well-researched and passionate talk.

Episode 234: From Humble Beginnings

How does one start a practice? Dr Rubin believes the best way is to start small and go big. Your practice members aren’t coming to see you because you have the prettiest office in town. You are attracting them in droves because of who YOU are, how YOU take care of them, what YOU say to them. It’s not about what’s outside…it’s about what inside that counts. Sound familiar? ADIO (above-down, inside out). It works to heal a body and to build a practice!

Episode 233: Lost chiropractic books revisited

Have you ever read Stephenson’s “The Art of Chiropractic?” Or Fred Barge’s “Life Without Fear?” 2 classic chiropractic texts that are not very well known, but with Dr. Rubin’s help, he brings them to life as he discusses them with the Logan University Philosophy Group. If you enjoy Stephenson’s “Chiropractic Textbook” and Barges “Are You The Doctor?”, then you’ll love this…and if you are unfamiliar with either of these authors, then let us initiate you!

Episode 232: String Theory & the Law of Attraction

Have you ever looked at a picture of a distant galaxy? Then a picture of an electron cloud? They kinda look the same. Is that a coincidence? Not according to the String Theory, which says everything is connected. And if that is true, then the concept, “What you think about, comes about” makes a lot more sense. What you put your focus on, expands. Why? Because it’s all connected? The universe leaves clues, and so does success!

Episode 231: Everything is not as it appears

Learning through Art series, Part 1. Dr. Rubin explores how looking at works of art can help improve your ability to diagnose. It started at Yale University Medical School, where they took 1st year med students to the Yale Art Gallery to discuss how to improve diagnosis skills by improving observational ability. If it can help med students it certainly can help chiropractic students!